Pets die in house fires.


Doesn't every pet deserve the best chance of survival.

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Ron Ewing


For more information on how you could help us, provide kits to all Sottish fire stations, just contact me



07932 114 725

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07932 114 725

Based in Renfrewshire, I work in close partnership with Brian, Lynn and Emma at Smokey Paws, to provide the special oxygen masks required to resuscitate pet animals overcome by fumes in a fire. As the normal 'human' style masks are not suited to most animals.


It is my goal, that every Fire station in Scotland is equipped with these specially designed oxygen masks, thus reducing the number of domestic pet deaths, occurring as a result of fire.


As well as being an independent safety consultant, I am owned by two very boisterous Rottweilers and like all those others who share their lives with a wide variety of animals, I would be devastated if either of my two buddies were to be lost in a fire, because of a lack of the right equipment.


This is why I am so committed to ensuring that the animals we share our lives with, have the best possible chance of survival, if the worst were to happen.


As no government funding is provided, these aims can only be achieved with the help and support of ordinary people.


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